Anna's Arachnids

I am a member of the Evolab at UC Berkeley, the combined lab of Rosemary Gillespie and George Roderick. Our lab is primarily interested in the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms involved in shaping biodiversity of arthropods across island systems. Find out more about our research at our website!

Anna Holmquist's research:

My dissertation research focuses upon the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, where I study the interplay of ancient historical legacies and modern environmental factors in shaping spider biodiversity, specifically genetic, taxonomic and ecological diversity. Learn more about me on my background page, my work on my research page  and my time as a Fulbrighter in Indonesia on my blog!

Anna Holmquist, Ph.D. Candidate

EvoLab, Dr. Rosemary Gillespie

University of California, Berkeley

An exploration of the world of arachnids, focused upon the spiders of Sulawesi, Indonesia